Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday's run/ bike

I went out again today.  1.32 miles.  Some walk, some run.  All outdoors and all of it was HAD!  I was pouring sweat when I got home, but I did it.  It is so hot here, we have the ac on.

Well I decided to add a little more to my day and did 2 miles on my bike.  According to my HRM I burned 166 calories!  Whoot.  Not alot, but enough to keep me motivated.
One more day down.  :-)  I will not quit.

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  1. I saw your blog through the cafemom website. I JUST did my first day of the C25K running program. It just so happened to have been raining a bit too, which just made it PERFECT. Of course, finishing up the running part to the Disney Mulan song "I'll make a man out of you" was icing on the cake! I would've kept going, except it was cold rain, and there was lightening all around me :-P