Sunday, April 1, 2012

Running on the road

I did not realize that there was such a difference in road running and treadmill running.

Last weekend my oldest DD and I went out to run.  I couldn't do it!  Of course I had already gone to an hour of spin class and I think those 600 calories that I burned were just too many and my body was exhausted.

We went on vacation this week and I took my running shoes.  They did not get used.  I did not do ANYTHING as far as running.  I also took my weights and I did some exercises.  Actually to the point that my arms were sore.  That was good.  We also did paddle boats that were HARD!  I can not believe how much 4 people can paddle and you just don't go anywhere!  Talk about lack of motivation.  I think we were out on the water for about 40 minutes before we gave up. 

We got back early Friday evening and I was so tired.  Tired from eating unhealthy foods, and tired from being in the car for two extra hours but then I didn't sleep.  I ended up with about 5-6 hours of sleep.  Horrible sleep!  Not even good, knock out sleep.  I got up and ran on the road yesterday though.  Only for 15 minutes, and it was part run part walk, but I did it.  I am trying to retrain my body to run on the front of my feet instead of heal first.  It is hard.  I am working on it though.  Somehow I think it would be easier if I were running barefoot, but I do not dare.  Not on the roads in my area.

So today, after I run my errands I will try and run again.  I am just going to add in a little more each day and see how I do.  Hopefully today goes a little better although I didn't sleep well last night either so we will see.

Goodness becoming a runner is HARD!  I will not give up though. Trying hard to remember the words below.

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  1. Good news is soon you will most likely prefer to run outside. I am not a fan of my treadmill but I was in the beginning. :) Keep it up.