Friday, March 23, 2012


I FINALLY made it to yoga class yesterday!  Yay.  I have been trying since the beginning of the month when the class started to get there.  The first week I was on a field trip with Kinsleys class.  Then we had a lunch for someone at the gym, and so this was week 3 and I made it!  I am so happy that I went.  I have been having alot of personal struggles in my life.  Most of them are stemming around our upcoming move.  It was stressing me out, BAD!  To the point that some days were filled with tears :-(

Her information she put out was about finding peace in change especially change that can come from military moves and the end of deployment stress.  Wow, did you design this class around my life?

I was able to relax and enjoy the class, but wow is my upper body out of shape!  My arms are weak and almost gave out on me a few times.  We did a position though that was amazing.  It really helped me to relax.  I thought that it would be awkward, but I am pretty sure that I fell asleep while we were doing it for a few short seconds.  I am for sure going to be doing that one at home!

My entire upper body hurts today, but it is spin class day so there is no rest for me. or my muscles.  I am anxious to see what my new HRM (heart rate monitor) is going to tell me as far as calories burned.

Well my munchkin is awake and I need coffee, and water before I head to the gym in an hour.

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