Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New running shoes

So I have been giving my legs a rest.  I went shopping for new running shoes and took the day "off" from all exercise yesterday because I it was my anniversairy and well, I guess we all need to rest.  Instead I spent the day pampering my feet by getting a pedicure, and shopping for new running shoes.

I am excited to try them out but I am wondering if I should give myself one more day to rest my shins.  I am just so unsure.

I debated over and over again barefoot running.  I have decided that if these shoes don't work that I am going to try semi barefoot running.  Wearing special shoes that protect your feet but that allow you the advantages of barefoot running.  Just praying the new shoes help.

So, I will update later today and let you know if I run.  In the mean time I need to run and shower.  We have someone coming to measure for flooring today.

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