Thursday, March 15, 2012

week 1 day 2 re do

Well thanks to my shin issues I had to put off running.  Now that I have new shoes I decided to try and run last night.  I started back with week 1 day 2 because that day was so hard  for me.  It was hard again and this time I did NOT do cardio before hand although I did do some upper body stuff.   I am thinking that I am going to be stuck on day 2 for a while.

I ran/walked my 25 minutes and then I continued to walk/jog until I got to the 45 minute mark.  It has been warm here and my playroom was horrible hot.  I was going to try and make it to an hour at least, but my phone rang and I took that as my sign to stop.  I was already so sweaty that my ear buds were falling out of my ears.

Oh a side note, I would love to know what everyone wears in their ears.  I know weird questions.  I was considering buying the buds that go over the ears but I loved the ones that fit in the ears.

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