Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 2 week 1 (Friday March 9 2010)

I knew this day was going to be hard for me.  I was wondering if I should wait until Saturday to run or to do day two on Friday after I went to spin class.  I opted to run.   Day 1 was easy, who would day two be that much harder.

Well, it turns out when you do a high endurance class like Spin you sort of get the energy sucked out of you.  Running is not really something you should be doing after a class like that unless you are really in shape.  I guess I am not.

Needless to say when I started running I was feeling REALLY good for like the first 10 minutes after that it went down hill.  I tried to run faster then I did two days prior, and well, no bueno.

So, I finished my two miles.  It took me 30 minutes and 33 seconds.  I wanted to finish in under 30 but that didn't happen.  Maybe tomorrow?  And now, my shins are horrible sore.  Hope that if I rest today tomorrow they will feel better?

Oh, and turns out the belt on my treadmill was loose!  I was having some issues running but we didn't really notice until my husband got on and the belt kept slipping.  Got online and read how to tighten it.  Problem seems to be solved, but I am not running today, so we will see how it feels tomorrow.

Day 2 Stats
Total time on treadmill 30:33
Incline I think 2.5
Walk speed 3.5
Run speed 5.2 and 4.7  I started off trying to run faster.....I did get up to 5.8 when I was trying to finish in under 30 min flat

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