Friday, March 16, 2012

zumba day and nothing fits

I went to get dressed yesterday and I have one pair of capris that fit, thats it.  Wow :-(  I have been working out for a good solid two months, I watch EVERTHING that goes into my mouth, and I feel like I am gaining weight, ugh!  I am ready to cry.  I just do not understand.

Yesterday was zumba day.  It was a rough day mentally for me.  Not because of zumba but because of a fall out with a "friend".  Wow what a wake up call.  :-(  I am not really even sure what to feel anymore.  All I know is that I wanted to run away.

I hate mexican food yesterday for my "friends" birthday lunch.  I ate rice, a taco and something else that I didn't finish.  I was just not hungy.  Then I didn't eat dinner.  I was not even hungry  We didn't eat lunch until about 2, so well, I just didn't eat.  I know terrible for me, but I am not used to mexican food anymore, and well, I didn't want to eat.  I did drink a ton of water with luch though.

More exercise consisted of  gymnastics class with Kamden. It is not alot, but I do all the war ups and stretching stuff with him.  Even though it is a "parent participation" class, mos of the parents just walk next to their kid.

I am beyond frustrated in this weight loss journey.  It is so hard when you are working so hard and nothing works out.  Why was I able to kick but a year ago and now things are so hard??????  The frustrations are growing.

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